6/30/2020 – Indiana > Wyoming

I have been on the road now since last Thursday and have made it to Wyoming. I spent my first night with my sister and went to the new Scales Bike Park in Evansville, IN. I got to get my new mountain bike dirty and had a blast riding the trails with her and her boyfriend. 

I stayed in Swan, Iowa the next day and spent the night at a campground that came up on freecampsites.net. It was a lovely place to sleep but I did not see it until the next morning that the campground was closed until further notice due to Covid. The next day, on my way to Badlands I stopped in at Sioux Falls and did the river walk with some ladies that I worked with at Coachella last year. That night, I slept at the Badlands Overlook and had a beautiful campsite. 

In the Badlands I hiked the 4.5 mile Medicine Loop Trail. Got to run into the long horn sheep on my hike and got my stamp at the Visitor’s Center. I hurried to Wind Cave NP to get my stamp as well, although their cave systems are still closed due to Covid. That same day I made my way to Custer and ended up parking at a new friend’s house who I met through a climbing website, mountainproject.com

What a wonderful day the next day climbing with Chris. He and I met through Mountain Project and he was so kind to take me out to Custer State Park and climbing at the Needles. He was very educated about the history of climbing in the area, and we got on some classic trad routes. We were able to get 3 climbs in before I had to get back to the van and head to Wyoming. 

After a long drive to southern Wyoming, I made it to my friend’s 2,000 acre ranch. We’ve spoke about this place before but you have to see it to believe it. This place is like out of an old western book. The ranch has been in their family for over 100 years and the original barns and cabins are still standing and being used today. 

Her family and myself with to Colorado the next day so that we could seek out the wild horses for her daughter’s birthday. After a two-hour drive we were able to find the beautiful wild horses of Colorado. We had lunch and birthday cake in the basin and that evening came back for a wonderful supper made by her mother and second birthday cake. 

I am packing up today to continue heading west so that I can link up with my friend to climb for a few days in Utah. There are new travel restrictions that may keep me out of Utah and keep me in Wyoming. Still unsure, but will be making a game-plan very soon.


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