About Me

I grew up in Southern Indiana raised by two of the best humans I have ever met in my entire life. Raised with pure love, at the age of 12 our family received news that could devastate any family. Our middle sibling out of 5, Julie, passed away in a car accident. Killed by a drunk driver, I feel I have dedicated my life of travel to her and everything she missed out on when she passed away at the early age of 17.

In 2010 after graduating from Indiana University, my college roomate and I set out on the Appalachian Trail. I knew a little bit about backpacking and she brought this idea up our senior year of college. We graduated, got an apartment, and saved all of our server money so that we could set out on the AT. Once we got to Neel’s Gap we met up with some other hikers and at the hostel, I got my trail name; NotBad.

After finishing my thru-hike, I packed up my dog and my Jeep and headed south to Asheville, NC, to set out in the music industry. I began working at the local arena, and my manager was managing a department at Bonnaroo at the time. With his assistance, I got my first festival gig and travel for work full-time working at festivals across the country.

In 2011 I was introduced to another AT Thru-Hiker from 2010, Roam. He & I re-connected in 2014 while on RatDog tour, and soon after he moved to Asheville to start a life with me.

A few years later in 2016, we set out on the Pacific Crest Trail to begin working on our Double Crown of the three major hikes in the U.S. My dog began suffering from Degenerative Myelopathy, and when I flew back at Crater Lake to work a festival, I did not return to the trail. Roam continued North and pulled out about 100 miles south of the Canadian Border. January of 2017 Roam and I went our separate ways as his lifestyle and mine no longer co-existed and our priorities were anything but in-line.

In the spring I unexpectedly met a man that made me want to love again. He was sweet, attentive and made me feel like I was his number 1 priority, which I did not feel in my last relationship. Although I sometimes think that I made a huge mistake, I decided to break-up with him and continue on the solo life.

In the fall of 2017 I decided to put down by beloved dog, Lucy Diamond. She was my best hiking partner and best friend. That fall, I purchased a 13-foot pull-behind, named her Lucy Diamond, and renovated it to be a little cabin on wheels.

I sold Lucy Diamond in the winter of 2019 and decided to finally invest in my dream vehicle and purchased a 2018 Dodge Promaster 2500 High-Roof. Since then I have renovating it to become my perfect little house on wheels. My dreams of owning a van and traveling full-time are finally in full effect. I always had intentions of having someone else build out my van for me, but once Covid happened, I lost my job and was back in Indiana with my parents. I decided to take on the project and finish the build.

And now the traveling continues.

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