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About NotBad Travels

NotBad Travels is a travel company that is all about the adventurous traveler. I am here to help you plan your next trip, leaving the stress of planning and logistics up to me. Over the last 10 years I have traveled across the U.S. via plane, train, RV, pull-behind trailer and most recently, my van. I am always seeking the best way to utilize my time during travel, and I hope to do the same for you.

How does it work?

Below is a form for you to fill-out. From there, I will follow-up via email or a phone call to better understand what type of trip you are hoping to go on. Whether it’s rock climbing in Moab or rafting the Colorado River, I am here to handle all the logistics of your trip.

Upon completion of the survey, I will follow-up with a Deposit request for your adventure. From there, based on your budget, I will come up with 2-3 options for you to choose from. I will then book the trip in it’s entirety and you will receive a final, itemized invoice. I have traveled on a budget before, and completely understand to stay within a budget, and I will be as transparent as possible in regards to all the costs.

What does it cost?

The cost will be dependent on your budget and your travels. I am going to do my best in booking your trip to suit your needs. My rate is based on my time and dedication to your trip. Below is my rate, but the cost of your trip will be my rate + the cost of booking.
3-Day Weekend – $250.00
4-Day to 7-Day – $500.00

Please email me regarding trips longer than a week, and we can discuss costs.

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